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All services are long distance via phone, skype or zoom
New Client Tune-up.....Unless in case of an emergency I typically don't work on anyone until I have Tuned-up their system and opened them up to receive the Channeling deeply.  I find all kinds of kinks in their energy system that would prevent the issue work from going as deeply as it could.  This repairing the energetic system includes Opening Chakras, Energizing where needed, Transforming Intelligence fields, Clearing the Chakras, Releasing separation consciousness, Karmic webbing, Ego posititions, Reality shifting, Clearing emotional charges, Optimizing the body energies and the system as a whole.  Checking the incarnated vortex and telomeres to see if they need to be healed.    *There are a total of 2 tune-ups that cover what's mentioned above.  Only one is done at a time.*   60 Minutes...... With New Client intake info the appointment can last up to 90 Minutes.     $60.00

Genetic Modification..... Some health issues for organs or systems such as the immune system including Viruses come from our Mom and Dad.  These can be changed with the Genetic Modification.  Usually follow up with and Organ or System Protocol and possibly an individual Chakra tune-up to clear it all out.    60 Minutes   $100.00

Organ or System Tune-up..... To repair and organ or a system such as Adrenals, Immune or Lymphatic system it usually takes one session.  60min  $100.00

Issues Sessions..... As can be imagined there are many issues a human can have and we accumulate conditioning with it over many incarnations.  The veils hold this reality in place but so does a network that links the issues together and when looking at the issues you can see a pattern appear.  The network could be as many as 7 issues holding a type of reality into place.  One issue takes 4 sessions to release.  These sessions can be as often as your schedule allows  however you should allow at least one week in between sessions to integrate and soothe the energy system.  Working on an issue will bring it up for you to view and process, after I stop channeling the energy will work on processing and releasing the issue for about 3 more days. 60 Minutes, Could take up to 90 Minutes depending on the conditioning in your system.   $100.00   4 sessions are needed for one issue.

Infection Protocol..... for Infection/Bacteria/Parasite/Fungus/Virus.....I channel Fire to burn these out.  There is a lot more to it than just Fire it is an entire Protocol unto itself.  Most take 1 session but if someone has been ill for a long time it can take more than one and may require a Protocol to "Tune-up a weak energy system".  When someone is really weak it takes longer to get better.  60 Minutes  $100.00

Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue.....If a person has Fibromyalgia they will also have Chronic Fatigue, both are Viruses and will require a Virus Protocol.  A person can have Chronic Fatigue and not have Fibromyalgia.  The underlying issues for these are Safety and Self Protection and usually cause a person to have Candida.  Those two issues need to go through Protocol to keep the virus from coming back and a Candida Cleanse as well.  60 Minutes  $100.00
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